Yak English/French for Windows 10


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Translate using Google, Microsoft or World Concepts (WCI).
No network connection required for WCI translations or repeat translations.
Speech-to-Text and Text-to-Speech capability.
Take pictures and translate the text.
Translate phrases, words and sentences.

- No Internet connection required for WCI translations and Google or Microsoft repeat translations.
- Easy to use interface.
- Select the Translation engine you would like to use, Google, Microsoft or WCI.
- Speech-to-Text allows you to enter text by simply speaking (requires network).
- Text-to-Speech allows you to listen to the translated text (requires network).
- Fast, high quality translations of words, phrases and sentences.
- Take or select a pictures and translate the text in the picture.
- Select from 100s of Phrases in 8 different categories.
- Select favorites from your complete history of translated text.
- Set the font size of the Source and Target text.
- Adjust setting to automatically speak the translated text.
- Disable network usage to ensure you only work in offline mode.
- View the Help subsystem presented in HTML format.
- No ads.
- Initial purchase includes unlimited translations using WCI translation engine, 1000 unique translations using Google and Microsoft translation engines, and 100 image scans.

The WCI Yak Translator is a full sentence translation system that performs an analysis of the sentence structure and follows the grammatical rules for each language.